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Madan no Ou to Vanadis

70.79% Community Approval

In a fantasy version of Europe, a war between enemy countries is brewing. One of these countries, Zhcted, has its seven regions ruled by War Maidens, known as Vanadis. Equipped with powerful dragon-carved weapons, Eleonora "Elen" Viltaria, one of the Vanadis, launches an invasion against their neighboring rival country of Brune. Eventually, Tigrevurmud "Tigre" Vorn, a young archer and an earl for Brune's region of Alsace, has his entire army decimated at Elen's hands. In a … read more

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Anime Details
  • English Lord Marksman and Vanadis
  • English (American) Lord Marksman and Vanadis
  • Japanese 魔弾の王と戦姫 (ヴァナディース)
  • Japanese (Romaji) Madan no Ou to Vanadis
  • Synonyms Madan no Ou to Senki, The King of the Magic Bullet and Vanadis
  • Type TV
  • Episodes 13
  • Status Finished
  • Aired Oct 4, 2014 to Dec 27, 2014
  • Season Fall 2014
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