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Dimension W

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In the near future, humans have discovered a fourth dimension, Dimension W, and a supposedly infinite source of energy within. In order to harness this profound new energy, mankind develops advanced "coils," devices that link to and use the power of Dimension W. However, by year 2071, the New Tesla Energy corporation has monopolized the energy industry with coils, soon leading to the illegal distribution of unofficial coils that begin flooding the markets. Kyouma Mabuchi … read more

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Anime Details
  • English Dimension W
  • English (American) Dimension W
  • Japanese Dimension W
  • Japanese (Romaji) Dimension W
  • Type TV
  • Episodes 12
  • Status Finished
  • Aired Jan 10, 2016 to Mar 27, 2016
  • Season Winter 2016
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