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Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange

68.21% Community Approval

When a transfer student arrives from Tokyo, Chizuru immediately develops a crush. Surprisingly, the beautiful and stylish transfer student joins Chizuru’s group of friends. Will a closer relationship develop between Chizuru and Kanae? (Source: Tranquil Spring) Included one-shots: Keep Your Heart Closed; I Don’t Know If This Is Love

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Manga Details
  • English A Transparent Orange in the Lip
  • English (American) A Transparent Orange in the Lip
  • Japanese くちびるに透けたオレンジ
  • Japanese (Romaji) Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange
  • Synonyms Keep Your Heart Closed, I Don’t Know if This Is Love, Tojitete ne, Kokoro, Kore ga Koi nano ka Wakaranai, Sunset Orange
  • Type Manga
  • Volumes 1
  • Chapters 8
  • Status Finished
  • Published Jul 17, 2010
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