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MAX Lovely!

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Best friends Tokieda Airi and Sahara Taki have had a happy junior high school life, but the mysterious group "F" begins to target them because they attract too much attention! "F" has already hurt many attention-grabbing students, and they begin their attacks on Airi and Taki by trying to split the best friends apart. When this method doesn't work, they sink even lower: they target Airi's sister Nako! Airi and Taki's beautiful school life has been ruined, and now they must … read more

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Manga Details
  • English
  • Japanese MAXラブリー!
  • Japanese (Romaji) MAX Lovely!
  • Synonyms Max Lovely
  • Type Manga
  • Volumes 5
  • Chapters 26
  • Status TBA
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