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Naui Dedeu Ending Hue


A turn of fate... by your own hand. Alicia Melfont vows to restore the former glory of her house after the Dark God's agent massacres her family. But when a mysterious book reveals that she's only a supporting character meant to die for the true protagonist of the story, Alicia decides she won't let some silly book determine her fate. (Source: Manta)

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Manga Details
  • English Rewriting My Tragic Ending
  • Korean (Romaja) Naui Dedeu Ending Hue
  • Synonyms After My Dead Ending, Reescribiendo mi trágico final, Trở Thành Chủ Nhân Của Kẻ Phản Diện, Я перепишу свою трагичную концовку, 我的死亡结局之后, 나의 데드 엔딩 후에, 나의 데드엔딩 후에
  • Type Manhwa
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Oct 3, 2023
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