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Odoru Hoshifuru Renesickle


Karate practitioner, social withdrawaler, delusinal wave girl, ikemen who speak about love... etc. Mikahoshi acadamy is where many different type of ranking battles are crushing each other. Renya who trained martial art with his childhood friend Mizuki, heard that Mizuki was in coma, and he transfered to this school. Renya made vow that he will never going to fight because from his past trauma, that he had to run and run and run away from each challenge from ranker. … read more

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Manga Details
  • English
  • Japanese 踊る星降るレネシクル
  • Japanese (Romaji) Odoru Hoshifuru Renesickle
  • Synonyms Odoru Hoshi Furu Reneshikuru, Odoru Hoshifuru Reneshikuru, Odoru Hoshifuru Renecycle
  • Type Novel
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Apr 15, 2010
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