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Toraware no Mi


Compilation of short stories: 1) Toraware no Mi (Arrested Man) Iori is a totally heartless playboy and his past comes back to haunt him. 2) Yuki no Kioku (Memories of the Snow) A child was saved from a snowstorm by a person, who may or may not be a snow spirit, and promised to marry him. Years later, he's saved again. 3) Ugokenai Yoru (Night without Motion) Kouichi suffers from a childhood trauma which puts up barriers in his relationship with Akira, who, as you would … read more

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Manga Details
  • English
  • Japanese 囚われの身
  • Japanese (Romaji) Toraware no Mi
  • Synonyms Arrested Man, Memories of the Snow, Naive Gespenst, Naive Gespent, Yuki No Kyoku, Night Without Motion, Ugokenai Yoru, Sigh's Temperature, Toiki no Netsu, Body by Body
  • Type Manga
  • Volumes 1
  • Chapters 7
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Jan 1, 1997
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