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Wo De Jiejie Shi Da Mingxing


What? My older sister, who's pretty but lazy and abused me for fun, was born from different parents than me? What? She wants to become a superstar? Fortunately, I have a System to help cheat her way to stardom. What? My parents asked me to help her find a boyfriend? I’m still single, too, why don’t you guys care about me? ! The System suggested that my sister and I are quite compatible, and the System can help pair us up. No way! Being her brother is already bad enough! read more

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Manga Details
  • Chinese (Pinyin) Wo De Jiejie Shi Da Mingxing
  • Chinese (Simplified) 我的姐姐是大明星
  • English My Sister Is a Big Star
  • Synonyms My Elder Sister is a Superstar, My Elder Sister Is A Famous Celebrity, My Sister Is a SuperStar, Chị Gái Tôi Là Đại Minh Tinh, My Elder Sister Is the Great Celebrity, Wǒ De Jiějiě Shì Dà Míngxīng
  • Type Manhua
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Sep 30, 2021
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