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Yamigarishi: Kimaira Tenryuuhen


Ranzou is a big, tough guy with a motorcycle. After a run-in with a not particularly nice man in distress and a giant cat, he becomes a tough guy with a pet spirit cat, a wrecked motorcycle, and no money to fix it. In an effort to make money, he takes a job that lands him in Taiwan, where he and his cat unfortunately find themselves drawn into some serious trouble with demons. (Source: MangaHelpers)

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Manga Details
  • English
  • Japanese 闇狩り師 キマイラ天龍変
  • Japanese (Romaji) Yamigarishi: Kimaira Tenryuuhen
  • Synonyms Yami Garishi: Chimera Tenryuuhen, Yami Garishi: Kimaira Tenryuuhen, Yami Karishi: Kimaira Tenryuuhen, Yamigarishi Kimaira Tenryuuhen
  • Type Manga
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Jan 1, 2009
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