The premise is interesting, but I think it gets ruined by the story trying to be PG and somewhat positive. Of course, I would not expect it to be as dark as the only proper Berserk is, but still.
I mean, even just the fact that Fate was a guard or something and never have killed a monster is not believable: he should have been sent out to hunt weaker monster as part of his training, this is something that makes total sense in fantasy worlds like this. The hunger itself would probably be more debilitating, too, at least after Gluttony was awakened, but it does not seem to do much besides making Fate’s stomach growl, and even that is quite inconsistent. Also finding a sword, that is supposed …

Boushoku no Berserk
Fate Barbatos has never tasted real power. Born with the magical skill Gluttony, he constantly hungers in a way that can’t be satiated, and has bee...
  • Sukaiira

    I mostly agree with your thoughts. It’s sad that this show conceptually has a lot of potential but definitely won’t become beloved due to its whole hearted good nature.

    The only part where we differ is the sword, I think it can only talk to the MC because their special traits are symbiotic. And it’s not powerful unless it consumes stats, which …

    • Simbiat

      true, it would have been useless for other people, but then would it not be considered a cursed sword or something? I do not think barrel for trash swords is appropriate here. Although, if it can’t talk to anyone else - maybe, but I do not think there were any indications that’s the case.

    • Sukaiira

      @Simbiat lol I don’t think “cursed swords” apply to many anime universes. Only select ones.

      It’s not like the sword itself was in a trashcan, just in the cheap bin at a market store. That also literally happened in one piece as well, didn’t it? 🤔
      It’s not like the previous owners deemed it ‘useless’ it’s that the shop …

  • Wes

    Not agree with the two inconsistencies pointed out.
    For the first one, guard is like a reservist soldier.
    We lived in differents countries, but, a reservist doesn’t go into a conflict during his training to my knowledge. They undergo intense training and some virtual or “real” maneuvers.
    We clearly lack information about the world building to …