Review by MGA22
Kemono Friends
This is a review up to Episode 1.

Kemono Friends it’s a bad anime, that’s fact, but it’s a bad anime that tries some aspects than other kid shows find as their main selling points, it didn’t help having the anime be based in a defunct smarthphone game.
It tried to be a 20 something anime that is clearly aimed to children in japan that plays games in their phones but with a little educational flavor.
Because of that I give the solitary star to the show, i pity the studio, the voice actress and every single one who worked for anime game where the game studio give up on them even if the show is being “popular” with the fans of the game and the tv show.
What are you going to find in this anime?, Bad CG/hand drawn anime, stiff animation with equally stiff voice acting, moe theme is used in a friendly point of view so it can conect with the younger audience, as I say, it tries to educate the viewers about friendship, zoo life and survival tips, not bad for 1 to 3 year old children. To anyone else it may be a waste of their time.