Review by Silerna
This is a review up to Episode 127.

A friend constantly said ‘watch this !’ to me…so here it is…

Ah ….Gintama…where do I even start?

The king of comedy for sure. It bring humor up to the next level without any drastic things. If you think it’s not possible then your wrong. Everything is possible in Gintama!

Set in the famous Edo era of Japan, during the 19th century. Even though it’s set in the past ,modern things like cars, tv’s and vending machines are present.
We meet our main character Sakata Gintoki , the biggest dork of all dorky anime characters. He’s rude, always has a finger in his nose , loves Shounen Jump , is very lazy and has an addiction for strawberry milk.
Despite all those traits he wouldn’t be bothered in helping his friends and surely has a good heart. Gintoki hires the 1st floor of Otose’s pub. He also runs his little companu “Odd jobs Gin” with Shinpachi Shimura , an overdramatic teenager still learning the ways of the samurai and with Kagura, as strange young girl with super strength.
Gintoki and his 2 comrades get involved with aliens alot and with the lunatic Shinsengumi, the local police of Edo. Not that they are normal. The police is ran by leader Kondo Isao ,also known as the Gorilla who continiously stalks Shinpachi’s sister, Demon-commander Hijikata Toushirou who has a mayonaise fetish and Okita Sougo with 2 different faces. The spy of the polica is Yamazaki, who fights with nothing else then a badminton racket.
If that’s not enough craziness, Gintoki old friend Katsura is also in the city. Always on the run for the police and always in the company of the weird pinguin Elizabeth.

There’s no actual plot or story in Gintama only in the 10% serious scenes of the show. Unless you want a great calm time I suggest not to watch this. It keeps you laughing the time , even the slightest things. The characters bounce from right to left on your screen.