Review by MikeWrecked

I have more than one reason to watch anime, all of us should. But, if I wanted to have a good laugh, I’d have two options. I’d go to watch an actual comedy and laugh where I’m supposed to laugh… And there’s ‘‘comedies’’ like Mayoiga.

Just think. Thirty or so people all go escape their lives into a deserted town, and get caught in something bigger. Sounds cool, right? Yes, the premise is great, but you can immediately start to see the problems when the first thing they do is introduce every single of those thirty or so individuals in the same way, in a row, pretty much none of them leaving any impact to note. The story as a whole is laughably bad in its structure, feeling like it wasn’t even meant to be a mystery show, or at least a good one. The whole mystery aspect in and of itself gets explained quite early on, and then it just feels like they spoiled too much and just kept everything as annoyingly vague as humanly possible, the characters not telling important things just to keep the viewer clueless. The entire thing amounts to nothing and the supposed stakes in the beginning wear down really quick… Can’t really say how, but just trust me on that.

If you’re going to give me thirty characters, at least make the main-character worth a damn. This MC is probably one of the most hilariously badly written main-characters I’ve seen in a while, with actions so unrealistic I couldn’t count them with just my two hands. There are multiple characters with potential for greatness, but then end up just keeping the same gimmicks from the very start. It’s very clear as to which characters this show favors to begin with, too. But, you know what the worst part is? Not only the main-character, but EVERYBODY is unrelatable and unrealistic, doing this only to convenience the story.

The animation is nothing bad, really. I wouldn’t have a fault with it if it didn’t waste all the possible good ways of using the animation, as all the scenes are mostly just characters talking. Wait, no, it’s not mostly, it IS all just talking.

The least you could of done is make a good soundtrack. To give credit where it’s due, the OP is actually not bad. But that’s about it.

I think I’ve trash-talked this travesty enough. Mayoiga is so bad that people think it was on purpose. Honestly, such a train-wreck is a great watch for the laughs.

Giving Mayoiga 3/10. I mean hey, at least it was entertaining… In all the wrong ways, sure, but still.