Review by kms
This is a review up to Episode 9.

This anime started out great but became annoying and terrible. So, I ended up dropping it at episode 9.

Story: The story itself was setup to be a gag anime people could watch for fun. I decided to watch it while watching Monster to have something fun to watch (I chose Nanbaka obviously) while watching the thriller and psychological anime.

Again, it sets itself up as a comedy anime. It literally describes itself as a gag anime. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it tries to change into this deep, thought-provoking anime, but ends up looking stupid because it never actually fits in with the previous theme it gave itself. It was annoying because although it admitted to being nothing serious, had a joke frenzy, and tried to be funny, but then tried to give the main character internal struggles out of nowhere?

Powers: This is one of the most annoying parts. There is no basic setup for the power system. Some inmates have it, others don’t. The variety of powers is confusing as well. They never go into detail of how certain inmates got their power, either, other than the main character and another important character. It is just unanswered, out of place, and downright strange.

Animation: GOD THIS PISSES ME OFF. The animation is actually high quality, yet they don’t always draw the backgrounds. It would make sense in joke scenes, but they do it in regular/serious scenes too. Instead of drawing the setting, they would put zebra/flower/etc designs as the background. They also NEVER draw any character that is not main/supporting. So basically, all the other inmates are purple human-looking figures, with no face or design whatsoever, running around. They also use the stereotypical split screens that old shounen anime used, not even as a joke, in serious scenes they would use them, making it look stupid. The action scenes would sometimes be that weird punching motion where the arms are moving so fast it’s a blur and you see several fists everywhere (idk how to explain it).

Overall, this shit sucks.