Review by mohaiko
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season

i wonder what is the proper reaction for such a great anime !
it’s clear that the anime has taken my heart and my mind to a new whole level of entertainment .
one of the greatest works of lerche studio.


it isn’t easy to draw more than 25 characters every Ep in different locations and sometimes with different costumes which has helped a lot to put the boredom away.
though the style of animation was unique , the black outline of the characters and the difference between the gradation of colores of the characters and the background makes the characters seem to be like posters on the background.


ostensibly , you will think that is a regular story of a monster seeks to blow up the earth but internally , you will find a powerful story full of surprises .
the story has two courses the first and the main one is to assassinate the teacher. the second is to raise the educational level of the low-grades students.
the most remarkable thing of the story is the insistence of the teacher to make the students better and the students to kill the teacher.
the story don’t ask you to choose a side because you will choose the both which means that you will hope the teacher to raise their level and in the same time you will hope the students to kill the teacher .