Review by dwel
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

It’s the ending. This show could be absolute shit, and I would still give a million out of five stars for the ending song that plays every episode (reviewer integrity be damned!). It just gives off that homely kind of feel that most anime in this show’s category cough cough * Zero no Tsukaima and Sword Arts Online *cough cough don’t usually give off. The actual show is a mix between fantasy adventure and slice of life, with schadenfreude being a major factor in each episode. The whole plot point centers around survival within a fantasy world that’s not all it’s cracked it up to be. The party never leaves the “Town of Beginnings” and, instead, make it into sort of a home (which, in turn, gives the anime a sort of a homely feel). Everything plays out like a sitcom without the laugh track. Kazuma and co. must defeat the insidious Devil King, but first, they have to defeat far worse enemies: debt and starvation. There’s an element of realness which works well in contrasting with the fantastical setting, making the show relatable while, at the same time, adding to the comedic value. I’m currently on Season 2 and everything’s looks good so far. As long as they keep the ending song, they can pretty much replace the characters with cardboard cutouts and I wouldn’t give a shit. Go and splurge through the first season to see what I mean.