Review by Hush
    Diabolik Lovers meh

    The story itself never gets past Yui being thrown into a house full of Vampires. She never truly tries to get out of the situation or learn not to get in the vampires way. She'll openly walk into rooms and put herself in their way. Then the Vamps themselves. They get some backflashes but they don't develop. It's empty. They don't bond even with each other. It's just... Every scene is "how can we drink Yui's blood this time." It's boring.

    The last 4 episodes were probably the …

    Review by Hush
    Diabolik Lovers More,Blood meh

    Much like the first season, it has good music and animation but still lacks a full plot (or any plot) and character development (there is none). Though this does try a tad bit harder. This just adds in new Vamps with their storyline being similar to the previous one. New names for it with the whole "Adam and Eve" thing. Some scenes you will feel like "Oh, progress! Finally!" then it backtracks to the same "Must suck Yui's blood" trope. So much potential and it's kinda like …

    Review by Hush
    Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru good

    This was really, really good! Thought provoking and the mysteries that get solved are pretty clever. Some parts are a little hard to follow and some of the characters could have a bit more background depth. Overall though, really enjoyable! I hope this gets a second season since the "mastermind" of this season wasn't caught but was mentioned in the last 2 to 3 episodes. So, I will definitely be revisiting this series! The art and sounds were decent. Sometimes it would have …