Review by Erik_The_Red
    Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata good

    The title of the show would in english be "How to raise a boring heroine" and that is what the show is about. The protagonist is a hardcore otaku who one day encounters a spectacular girl that inspires him to make a romantic visual novel about her. He enlists the help of his senpai who is a accomplished light novel author to make the story and gets the help of his childhood friend who is a ero-doujin artist for the artwork. Those two just so happen to be two girls who fit …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Appleseed (Movie) good

    This film is set in the city of Utopia which is inhabited by humans and bioroids, a type of artificial humans. To this peaceful city arrives the war veterans Deunan and Briareros. The city is then brought into unrest and battles are fought. The story flows smoothly and the final "secret" gets revealed in a fitting situation and time that makes the film pay off. 
    Animation in this film is great. It was made in 2004 but could easily stand toe to toe with todays best animation. …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi good

    The titular Rin is a immortal detective. Through her work she meets with many dangers but because of her immortal body she always heals. The central antagonist is Apos, who is obsessed with sacrificing Rin to the tree of life, Yggdrasil. 
    The episodes span 65 years and thereby show how society and technology evolves around Rin. this was a aspect of the show I felt was particularly well done. The aging and eventual death of mortal characters and their relationship with the …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Angel Densetsu good

    Angel Denetsu is one of the funniest shows I have seen. It is only two episodes but in those two they manage to include so many funny scenes. Kitanos kind nature should make him an upstanding and honourable citizen in any world but his scary face makes everyone fear him. Kitano is constantly misunderstood and judged on his appearance despite always acting out of interest of others and not having a single bad bone in his body. 
    The art is nothing special but manages to flesh …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Aura: Maryuuin Kouga Saigo no Tatakai great

    There comes a time when people dislike reality. In Japan this has the name of Chuunibyou. Aura follows a former chuunibyou who is trying to become a "normal person" when he one day meets a girl who calls herself a researcher looking for dragon terminals. He hesitates about helping her since he doesn't want to relapse back into it but in the end decides that she needs his help after watching her get bullied. This is less of a comedy show and more of a drama with subliminal …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Mermaid Forest good

    Mermaid Forest is one of those underrated shows that not many have heard about. The show tells the story of Yuta who ate mermaid flesh and became immortal. The show is about Yuta trying to find a way to become human again. The anime starts when Yuta is 500 years old and he finds a village of mermaids that have been rasing a young girl to eat. He rescues her but finds out she too have eaten mermaid flesh. These two immortals decide to start travelling together. 
    This is not …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou good

    Dogs and Scissors is a anime in the WTF Japan category. The story itself can be said be a normal romance comedy anime with some harem elements. The story has a twist though in that the protagonist who gets the affection from the girls is a dog. Or to be more precise he is a highschool boy who loves reading books. At least until he got killed in a robbery and resurrected as a dachshund dog. In his new form as a dog he starts to live with a sadistic girl that hurts him with …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Hanayamata good

    Hanyamata is a show about cute girls doing cute things. There is no way around that. What sets the show apart from most slice of life shows though is how enjoyable it makes these stereotypical aspects. The anime is about five girls coming together to form the Yosakoi club. A club dedicated to performing a modern version of traditional japanese dance. What really makes the anime shine is the really well executed character development. Every characters background and …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World good

    Kino is a wanderer that visits different countries and observes them. The show is episodic but deeply philosophical. Each episode explores the different aspects of human nature in one of the most unique ways I have seen. In each civilisation/country Kino is presented with a problem that she usually observes but sometimes prompts her to intervene. The show gets dark when exploring human nature but that is to be expected and adds to the realism of it all. Kino's Journey …

    Review by Erik_The_Red
    Maoyu ~ Archenemy & Hero good

    After a long and hard journey humanitys hero has finally gotten to the demon lords castle and is prepared to fight. Instead of a fight though, he finds himself being asked for help by the demon lord, who also turns out to be female. She presents a mountain of evidence as to why the war with the demons actually have been a good thing for humanity and has helped advance mankind in a number of fields. She also notes that when the common enemy of the demons are gone numerous …