Review by Shukie
    Moyashimon Returns great

    Moyashimon returns is a nice followup to the original series, the animation change was slightly startling at first, but is looked past pretty quickly as the story follows up on and ties up all the loose ends of the original series.

    There are alot of twists and turns, and it takes a turn away from the light-hearted nature of the original series about halfway through, but its necessary in order to tie up the story in a satisfying way.

    Overall it was really enjoyable and worth …

    Review by Shukie
    SKET Dance great

    I went in to Sket dance, not really knowing what to expect, the "preview" episode on Crunchyroll (where i watched sket dance) did'nt fully prepare me for how much this show would make me laugh, cry, blow my mind, and get me so involved in the characters.

    This is a comedy anime, however it has some episodes in it that get you right in the "feels" really tugging at your heartstrings from time to time, or blow you away with some of the truely wonderful back-stories of the main …

    Review by Shukie
    Fastening Days great

    A Short little treat, its really worth watching, for an 11 minute story, it packs in some decent character development, and tells a really fun story.

    Review by Shukie
    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo great

    Honestly, i dont know where to start.

    From the start, the show gets you interested with a wild bunch of characters, each so different, but working so well together.

    And as time goes on, the bonds between each grow stronger, and each character grows from the experiences in Sakura Hall.

    I really enjoyed this one, and the concept sounded really strange at first, but it really shines and is one of those shows i dont think i'll forget anytime soon.

    Review by Shukie
    Doubutsu no Mori great

    This is a must-see for anyone who is familiar with the animal crossing franchise, it really does completely capture the essence of the games in an anime form.
    From the friendly and likable villagers to the fun and heartwarming story it tells.

    Its got alot going for it.
    Even if your not a fan of the animal crossing games, the story still holds its own. It just really gives you alot more feeling if you've played any one of the games before.

    Review by Shukie
    Jungle Taitei Leo: Hon-o-ji great

    While i cant find an english sub version, the story is presented plainly, in a simple way you can understand without them.

    It is a cute, sweet, to-the-point story that kimba is generally known for, and the characters presented are wonderful, both old, and new.

    I found it to be just really cute, and a fun little watch.

    Review by Shukie
    Donyatsu good

    This is a strange one, and its really hard to explain.

    The cats. They are Donuts, and bagels, and other sweet treats. And they're abit goofy, and dont make a whole lot of sense.

    But theres alot of off-the-wall, random gags. And really just out-of-nowhere scenarios and it just makes for a good little laugh.

    Review by Shukie
    Tsuritama great

    When i found this one, i was'nt entirely sure what i was getting myself in for based on the summery, but just an episode in and i was having a great time!
    The story was consistant and paced well where no time ever felt 'wasted' and nothing felt too rushed.
    Halfway through things got abit strange, but overall, it worked for what it was going for, and turned into a truely amazing story that brought a tear to my eye.

    Review by Shukie
    Yami Shibai 3 meh

    Well, this one fell completely flat.
    The "monsters" were really dull and the reveal was never really worth the build-up. And sometimes the 'scares' looked abit... goofy? instead of scary, unsettling, or anything even remotely spooky, everything here just feels just... really bad. lol.

    Dont waste your time on this season unless your really into the show. I was interested to see if there would be any good episodes, but there are really none that stand out this time round.

    Review by Shukie
    Gakkou Gurashi! great

    This was a really enjoyable ride.
    I did not expect much from this show, going in, based on the show discription and cutesy art style. But holy shit, almost straight away it throws in yuki's "condition" in which she does'nt see the world for what it is.

    The fun does'nt stop there. and honestly, the characters in this show make it what it is. They are really enjoyable to watch interact, and their stories pull at the heartstings.

    For something i did'nt think i'd like, this one …