Review by Smoothnoseman
    Pupa awful

    You ever take a shit that didn't feel good? Well that's Pupa for you.

     There is nothing redeeming about the series if you want to take it seriously. The show itself is a train wreck from the beginning. There is no coherent storyline and honestly I had no idea what was going on during this show. Also, some of you might find it disturbing. 

    Observe the following image:

    So, in this picture we see some maybe above average kinky hentai. Onee-chan lives to satisfy.  I however, …

    Review by Smoothnoseman
    Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku meh

    It annoys me when people try and compare Madoka Magica and this show because it’s an injustice to Madoka Magica. Madoca Magica was a deconstruction of the magical girl genre in anime and never initially labeled itself as a dark show. Ikusei KeiKaku does not try and label itself as just another magical girl show. It lets you know that it’s dark within the first couple of minutes of the show, but tries to surprise you a few episodes later by saying “Hey Look We just did …

    Review by Smoothnoseman
    Suzuka awful

    You ever taste shit before? It tastes like Suzuka.

    Review by Smoothnoseman
    Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale good

    This will be a non-spoiler filled review.

    To begin I know it’s the new meta to shit on SAO and everything about it and with good reason. The franchise itself hasn’t proven that’s its anything special, it’s pretty generic in most regards and all the characters for the most part are shallow and simple husks or anime tropes. So does Ordinal Scale break out of this mold? Kind of, but not really.

    Ordinal Scale has a lot going on for it actually and like the TV series it has …

    Review by Smoothnoseman
    Castlevania good

    I’ve never played any of the Castlevania games before, and I didn’t know much about the source material before watching this TV series. However, that didn’t deter me from enjoying this show and all that it had to offer.

    Castlevania is a very short TV series if you can even call it that. It felt more like a movie broken down into four episodes that tell a sort of prologue to the series. I was a bit disappointed to find that it was only four episodes and I didn’t feel …