Review by Yokoai
    Paradise Kiss good

    Paradise Kiss is one of those animes that create a plot where the main characters' life is completely turned around. The reason I like these kinds of anime is because you can also reflect and compare how the protagonist had no life (no offense) to becoming a happy, romantically mature (bittersweet love story), etc. type of protagonist.

    Something I find very unique about this anime is that it doesn't get into too much detail of every single problem. It doesn't involve …

    Review by Yokoai
    Glasslip awful

    There's not much to say. Typical love triangles. Typical drama. Typical mental hallucination because their having too much trouble. Typical everything. The only thing I can decently appreciate is the art and sound.

    The things that are so terrible about Glasslip are the events and plot. The events that take place in the anime don't even add up to the ending. It was completely random and this anime probably wanted the watchers to find the allegory in this anime but it just …

    Review by Yokoai
    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time good

    It pulled me in the very first second I watched it. The care and hard work on the animation shows in the whole movie and my eyes were not disappointed watching this at all. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is unique and fresh, also with extremely lovable characters almost to the point you wish you had friends like that in highschool (T_T). 
    Including that, the story is also very different and something different is hard to come by in anime these days. Watching this was full …

    Review by Yokoai
    Hotarubi no Mori e great

    A great balance of protagonists and an amazing plot. Every moment will keep you entertained and curious too see the ending making sure you have tears in your eyes. Hotarubi no Mori e is definitely a movie worth watching if you really love anime. It will change you! \(o_o)/

    P.S. The moment I laid eyes on the Hotaru and Gin, the shipped had already sailed miles away.