Review by vykr
    Fate/stay night meh


    Fate/stay night is an adaptation of the incredibly popular VN (visual novel) of the same name, covering mainly the first route scenario, "Fate." The VN tells the story of 7 mages designated as Masters who each summon a legendary figure from the past as a Servant in order to compete for possession of the Holy Grail, which can grant any wish. The story is told over 3 routes, each of which is an alternate continuity, but must be read in a specific order …

    Review by vykr
    Teekyuu good

    This review covers all 3 seasons of Teekyuu.

    Ostensibly a comedy about four girls in a tennis club, Teekyuu is a comedy that has very little to do with tennis. Each 2 minute episode (1:30 not including the OP) works on a simple premise and packs in as many rapid fire gags as possible and typically a punchline to the episode at the very end. There is no overarching plot, and each episode is basically a slice of life. However, the episode premises get increasingly crazy as …