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Mato Seihei no Slave

70.46% Community Approval

The demon-filled dimension known as "Mato" has opened to threaten humanity, and a type of "peach" tree that grows there yields fruit that confers special powers to those who eat it, giving humanity a fighting chance, but this only works for women. As such, as protectors of humanity, women rise in social status while men are relegated to second-class citizens scraping for basic occupation and acknowledgment. Cue Yuuki Wakura, a domestically crafty and laborious high school … read more

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Anime Details
  • English Chained Soldier
  • Japanese 魔都精兵のスレイブ
  • Japanese (Romaji) Mato Seihei no Slave
  • Synonyms Slave of the Magic Capital's Elite Troops
  • Type TV
  • Episodes 12
  • Status Finished
  • Aired Jan 4, 2024 to Mar 21, 2024
  • Season Winter 2024
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