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Persona 3 the Movie 4: Winter of Rebirth

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"The time of destruction is coming ever closer without a doubt. It cannot be stopped." To know death, to gaze at death, to face death. Makoto and his allies have grown through the many meetings and partings they have experienced. Their fight might not be for the sake of the world, but for themselves. Even so, they have continued to fight, believing that there are peaceful days waiting at the end of the battle. However, a boy says that destruction is the fate that humanity … read more

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Anime Details
  • Japanese PERSONA3 THE MOVIE —#4 Winter of Rebirth—
  • Japanese (Romaji) Persona 3 the Movie 4: Winter of Rebirth
  • Type Movie
  • Episodes 1
  • Status Finished
  • Aired Jan 23, 2016
  • Season Winter 2016
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