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Dungeons & Artifacts

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The moment I get a hold of those artifacts, it’ll be the end for you!” The start of vengeance for a wrongfully killed dungeon explorer and his artifacts! Dungeons attract the human mind, strengthens it selves with the dead and uses bait and artifacts to lure more victims. The one who was killed by a ruse in a dungeon, Stetch Atelier. Beyond the threshold of death, he was given a second chance! He begins his long journey to get his revenge. (Source: MU)

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Manga Details
  • English Dungeons & Artifacts
  • Korean 던전 씹어먹는 아티팩트
  • Korean (Romaja) Dungeon Ssibeomeongneun Artifacts
  • Synonyms Dungeons and Artifacts, Dungeon Devouring Artifact, อาร์ติแฟกต์ถล่มดันเจี้ยน
  • Type Manhwa
  • Chapters 149
  • Status Finished
  • Published Nov 18, 2020 to Apr 21, 2024
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