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Gakuen Police

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Ever since Sasami was a little girl she's admired those who defend justice. She loved watching shows about Magical Girls and Sentai Rangers, but the shows she loved watching the most were police dramas. Years have passed and Sasami has become a police officer herself. Her first assignment is to go undercover and act as a student at Hanagaki All-Girls High School to make sure there are no corrupt teachers or students there. One night, while helping out the photgraphy club, … read more

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Manga Details
  • English Gakuen Polizi
  • English (American) Gakuen Polizi
  • Japanese 学園ポリーチェ
  • Japanese (Romaji) Gakuen Police
  • Synonyms School Police
  • Type Manga
  • Volumes 2
  • Chapters 16
  • Status Finished
  • Published May 22, 2012 to Jun 21, 2014
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