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Geomsulmyeongga Mangnaeadeul

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Jin Runcandel was the youngest son of Runcandel, the land’s most prestigious swordsman family… And the biggest failure in Runcandel history. He, who was kicked out miserably and came to a meaningless end, was given another chance. “How do you want to use this power?” “I want to use it for myself.” Memories of his past life, overwhelming talent, and a contract with God… The preparations to become the greatest are complete.

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Manga Details
  • English The Youngest Son of a Master Swordsman
  • Korean 검술명가 막내아들
  • Korean (Romaja) Geomsulmyeongga Mangnaeadeul
  • Synonyms Swordmaster's Youngest Son, Youngest Son of the Renowned Swordsmanship Clan
  • Type Manhwa
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Apr 30, 2022
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