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Her Summon

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Due to a misuse of a word joke on live TV broadcast, girl group otaku, 'Jin-Kyung' ended up becoming doxxed and labeled as a "child predator", and ended up getting Social Anxiety Disorder. 3 years later, because of his past incident from the 3D world, his love for only the 2D world manifested, and ended up becoming a "Shut-In Otaku"! Then one day, as Jin-Kyung was no-lifing as usual, he was summoned to ‘Another World’, and came face-to-face with a bright-eyed, hopeful … read more

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Manga Details
  • English Her Summon
  • Korean 그녀의 소환수
  • Korean (Romaja) Geunyeoui Sohwansu
  • Type Manhwa
  • Chapters 117
  • Status Finished
  • Published Mar 5, 2018 to Sep 1, 2021
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