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Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners

80.93% Community Approval

A teenage girl, who possesses the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception", a supernatural ability that allows the user to see the "death" of everything in existence and kill the object by destroying its "origin". She recently recovered from a two-year coma caused by a traffic accident. Prior to the traffic accident, she originally had two personalities, a male personality named Shiki (織), and the original female personality Shiki (式). Children born into the Ryougi family are … read more

Rank #1983 (Most Popular Manga) Rank #722 (Highest Rated Manga)
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Manga Details
  • English The Borderline of Emptiness
  • Japanese 空の境界 the Garden of sinners
  • Japanese (Romaji) Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners
  • Synonyms Rakkyo, Boundry of Emptiness, The Borderline of Emptiness
  • Type Novel
  • Volumes 3
  • Chapters 7
  • Status Finished
  • Published Oct 1, 1998 to Aug 1, 1999
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