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Kesa mo Yuraretemasu


This is your typical story of a boy who's secretly in love with a girl, they both share a 20 minute ride on the commuter train on their way to different schools, will the boy be able to approach the girl and confess his love? And also... What he doesn't know: There's 3 other passengers that secretly support the boy's secret love towards the girl! Read now the hi-jinks that ensue when the boy tries to approach the girl.

Rank #20046 (Most Popular Manga)
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Manga Details
  • English They Are Still Being Shaken This Morning.
  • Japanese 今朝も揺られてます
  • Japanese (Romaji) Kesa mo Yuraretemasu
  • Type Manga
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Feb 9, 2024
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