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Made in Abyss

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The enormous cave system, known as the Abyss, is the only unexplored place in the world. Nobody knows how deep down goes this titanic pit, inhabited by strange and wondrous creatures and full of mysterious ancient relics which purpose in unknown to modern man. Generations of bold adventurers have been drawn by the cryptic depths of the Abyss. In course of time those bold enough to explore the dangerous pit came to be known as "Cave Raiders." In Oosu, the town at the edge … read more

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Manga Details
  • Arabic صنع في الهاوية
  • Chinese (Traditional) 来自深渊
  • English Made in Abyss
  • Greek Απο την αβυσσο
  • Japanese メイドインアビス
  • Japanese (Romaji) Made in Abyss
  • Russian Созданный в бездне
  • Swedish Skapt ur Avgrunden
  • Type Manga
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Oct 20, 2012
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