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Mirai Nikki: Mosaic

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Find out more about the other characters from Mirai Nikki - Future Diary. These stories start out a few days prior to them receiving their own diary and give us some insight as to how they think and their personal reasons for using the diary they've been chosen to have. In the process learn a little more about Deus ex Macchina, the 'God' of Space and Time, and what his goal really is. (Source: Baka-Updates Manga)

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Manga Details
  • English Future Diary: Mosaic
  • Japanese 未来日記モザイク
  • Japanese (Romaji) Mirai Nikki: Mosaic
  • Synonyms Future Diary: Mosaic
  • Type Manga
  • Volumes 1
  • Chapters 5
  • Status Finished
  • Published Nov 26, 2008
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