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Mowang Zuobi Xitong


One day, countless dungeons suddenly appeared in the world, and humanity ushered in the "dungeon era". Adesalai, the boss of an abyss-level dungeon, was killed by human adventurers via despicable means. Vowing revenge, he was reincarnated as a weak adventurer, but he activated an exclusive Boss System. Using the system's cheating powers to conquer dungeons and becoming its master, he started on the road of revenge. (Source: Bilibili, translated)

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Manga Details
  • Chinese (Pinyin) Mowang Zuobi Xitong
  • Chinese (Simplified) 魔王作弊系统
  • Synonyms The Demon King's Cheat System, Demon King Cheat System, Demon King's Cheating System, Mowang Zuobi Xitong, Mówáng Zuòbì Xìtǒng, The Demon King Cheat System, The Demon King’s Cheat System, 魔王様のチートシステム, 마왕 전용 사기 시스템
  • Type Manhua
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Feb 2, 2022
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