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Satsuriku Morph

67.57% Community Approval

Plagued by visions of a psychopath after a slaughter in a busy street in downtown Ikebukuro, Madoka must question her own sanity as to whether what she is seeing is actually happening. (Source: Batoto)

Rank #2492 (Most Popular Manga) Rank #10102 (Highest Rated Manga)
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Manga Details
  • English Killing Morph
  • English (American) Killing Morph
  • Japanese 殺戮モルフ
  • Japanese (Romaji) Satsuriku Morph
  • Type Manga
  • Volumes 4
  • Chapters 36
  • Status Finished
  • Published Feb 14, 2017 to Apr 16, 2019
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