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"He", a police officer. happened to meet "her" in the city while on duty. "She", walking with a cane, was a runaway daughter who grew up in a mansion in a distant city. "He" invites "her" who is looking for a job to become the telephone operator of the police station. From there started "their" everyday life and the delicate professional distance they must maintain. (Source: Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, translated)

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  • English Veil
  • Japanese VEIL
  • Synonyms Veil 1 - Body temperature of Orange, Veil 1 - Orenji no Taion, Veil 1 - Température Orange, Veil 1 - オレンジの体温, Veil 2 - Calme Noir, Veil 2 - Calming Noir, Veil 2 - Naida Nowāru, Veil 2 - 凪いだノワール
  • Type Manga
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Nov 25, 2018
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