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Wu Xian Dang An


[Ding dong, welcome to the Infinite Archives game!] [Friendly reminder: If you fail to archive the copy, you will suffer the death penalty.] Li Xingyun accidentally got involved in the infinite world full of various thrilling and horrifying copies, the mysterious Street Office of the Spirit Guide, the bizarre Nordic town, the never-ending 666 train…

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Manga Details
  • Chinese (Pinyin) Wu Xian Dang An
  • Chinese (Simplified) 无限档案
  • Synonyms Infinite Archive, Infinite Archives, Unlimited Archives, Unlimited Files, Wuxian Dang'an, Wú Xiàn Dǎng Àn, Wúxiàn Dǎng'àn
  • Type Manhua
  • Status Publishing
  • Published Nov 1, 2023
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