Review by KatieMorison
    Attack on Titan meh

    Attack on Titan is one of those Anime that didn't put much into the way of thinking about pacing. For that reason, I need to give it a low rank in Story. I also need to rank it down for enjoyment, since slogging through the slower episodes was painful at times. The first 3 episodes were very well paced, but I found later in it slogged on slowly, and stopped being enjoyable.

    The Animation and sound design, on the other hand, are GORGEOUS, however at times the animation was …

    Review by KatieMorison
    Mirai no Watashi good

    That is not how we use the Shakes machine. You gotta hold it up or you spill the milkshake everywhere. I dunno how it works in Japan but that's not how we wrap the burgers either. Redeemed for it's McLesbians being adorable.

    Sadly, it once again falls short on sound design - there is not a constant beeping from all of the equipment driving me crazy.  Clearly the sound designers have never been behind the counter.

    All of the equipment looks pretty dope though so that's swell.