Review by andybro
    Highschool of the Dead good

    5 reasons why you should Love/Hate “High school of the dead”

    Why it’s great!

    1) It definitely holds up in the animation department withmadhouses signature high quality and high intensity animation. Its actionscenes while lacking in fight choreography (Turns out zombies don’t fight verywell and just sort of stand there taking the hit) are still a joy to watch andthe “Other parts” are also…..a joy to look at……if you’re into ecchi that is.

    2) While it’s far from something such as …

    Review by andybro
    RWBY meh


    + Refreshingstyle of animation that is similar to cut scenes in “tales” games.

    + While there isn’tas many fight scenes as there should have been, the few that are there areamazing.

    + While this is amore subjective point, I personally found the shows comedy and banter to behilarious. I think it’s a cut above the “Guy falls on boobs” or “All thecharacters suddenly change art style and talk like idiots” comedy tropes thatmost anime contain.


    - The show isshort and very …

    Review by andybro
    RWBY II good


    + Animation isthe same unique style with small improvements (e.g. now background people aren’tjust black shadows).

    + The show putsmore focus on world building and awesome fight scenes rather than high schooldrama.

    + The comedicwriting is still as good as before,

    + They also gaveepisodes a consistent length of 12 minutes which makes the experience feel lessdisjointed. There are about 6 standard episodes worth of content in this one soit’s longer than the first volume as …

    Review by andybro
    Akame ga Kill! meh

    5 reasons why you should Love/Hate “Akame ga kill!”

    Why it’s great!

    1) One of the biggest things this show has going for it isthe setting which deviates somewhat from your standard scenario, mainly in thatthe protagonists are actually assassins working against the corrupt government.

    It’s a nice twist on a scenario that would usually be agroup of righteous and just knights exterminating evil rebels, instead theroles are reversed to give us a more morally grey conflict (Or at …

    Review by andybro
    No Game No Life good

    5 reasons why you should Love/Hate “No Game No Life”

    Why it’s great!

    1) Look at all those preeeeetttyyyyy colours………To be seriousthough I think that the animation stands out pretty well due to its uncommoncolor scheme of very bright and gaudy colors to reinforce the shows fantasysetting.

    The action-based segments are also pretty well animatedbeing from madhouse and all, although there’s nothing too exciting.

    2) I also appreciate how the show goes to great lengths togive us an …

    Review by andybro
    Aku no Hana meh

    5 reasonswhy you should Love/Hate “Flowers of Evil”

    Why it’sgreat!

    1) For startersthis show is different from your run of the mill high school drama in that thisone plays into more realistic aspects of high school and gives us the mostrealistic depiction of a high school in anime that I can think of.

    The maincharacter only has a few unpopular friends, Girls aren’t flinging themselves atthe main character and sexual harassment is treated as a bad thing (I knowright, how bizarre?